Nectar & Root



My job as a wedding photographer is to capture all forms of beauty. And being that I work mostly in New England, natural beauty is everywhere! After five years in the industry, I can say without a doubt that it takes a skilled eye and an incredible amount of talent to add to this natural beauty rather than detract from it. The work that Erin creates is always so flawlessly intertwined with the landscape and natural elements found wherever she’s working, be it a hillside in Vermont or on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Erin’s work always motivates and inspires me, pushing me to be more creative behind the camera. And as for Erin herself, she’s like a breath of fresh air … always in a delightful mood and calm as can be! I can say without a doubt that her talent and style is unmatched, and I would enthusiastically recommend her to any couple who is looking to bring a bit of the beautiful and wild outdoors into their wedding celebration.

Justin MerinoComment