Nectar & Root

studio gatherings



In 2017, Nectar & Root moved into a new workspace in Winooski Vermont. Clients can visit our studio by appointment to meet face to face, have a cup of tea, and draw inspiration from our inventory of vases, ribbons, candleholders and more. Our large south-facing windows allow plenty of light, and there is an area dedicated to photographing Nectar & Root floral arrangements before they head out the door - a goal that has been in the works for Erin for quite some time. In addition to our floral studio, we also use our new space to host gatherings for pop-ups, events, photoshoots, and more. In 2017 we made room for a bridal dress shop housed under the same roof and brand. 


If she had enough time in the world, Erin would love to be a dress maker, an antique dealer, a jeweler, an aromatherapist, and a tea master, and she has dabbled in each of these hobbies while always returning to flowers. Erin is able to offer her space to local makers in these realms of crafts and more, who would like to stage pop-ups or teach workshops in Nectar & Root's beautiful surroundings. Erin is excited to become an ambassador to emerging female artists and entrepreneurs through her gatherings, and to make a positive space for folks to learn new skills and hobbies.


Oftentimes our couples plan destination weddings from afar, so our new space is an opportunity to build more of a local community around Nectar & Root. Through event-based gatherings, Nectar & Root hopes that buyers will make a connection with one another while browsing and making, and that they'll also be able to make a more personal connection with the teachers and makers we host here. We also hope that the wares for sale at popups or made during workshops can be a reminder to treat oneself well with beautiful surroundings and small luxuries beyond just a wedding day, and to find beauty in the everyday. Erin believes that this feels most relevant to the modern woman.


Our space is available to rent for pop-ups, weekly or one-time events, group meetings, and photoshoots. We can't wait to create a community around this magical location. Please contact erin at for more information about hosting an event or project at our space.

Images courtesy of Christina Bernales Photography