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There; In the Falling Light Essence

There; In the Falling Light Essence


From its maker, Moon by Moon Apothecary: 

"this is the essence blend for the month of october

it contains the flower essences of pearly everlasting & red canna lily suspended in a tincture of fresh cranberries

i am not entirely sure where to begin in describing this essence blend... i am not sure there is much to say other than that i am completely humbled by this potent remedy

while each blend i offer is extremely special & very imbued with my own care & energy... i feel that this blend is different, that it is more as if i am offering a piece of myself & my story to each of you

october is my birth month, & at its end, i will be turning thirty

thirty years around the sun, under the gaze of the moon, digging into the depths of a path that demanded i trust its weaving, its root-studded & mica-heavy descent, its ocean breeze & ruby skyline

i cannot help but be humbled by my arrival at this place. that you are reading this. that there are beautiful people who have helped me every inch of the way to arrive here...

it is my wish for those who receive this blend, that it give you trust in your path. that it fill you with the limitless love of your ancestors both living & passed---the people, places, plants, & animals who have helped you to arrive here: in this moment

that it give you courage to not squander your gifts, but rather use them. let them fill yourself to the brim so that you have no other choice but to allow them to pour forth onto others, into a world that desperately needs them

may this remedy allow you to sit in reflection. may it grace you with just what you need to be fearless, to trust yourself, to sharpen your instinct. may it fill you with the gentle beauty of your story, may it lay loving like lace on the wounded places we each carry

pearly everlasting (Anaphalis maragaritaceae)

i made this essence on some trails behind the house where i lived in bridgton/me. it was the eve of the dead/all soul's eve & a new moon in scorpio. i placed a few sprigs of pearly everlasting into a champagne flute & left them to sit on the trail in the thick darkness, into the next morning, which held a solar eclipse. this essence is for veil dancers. it is a bridge, a connector to the spirit realm: our ancestors, angels, & guides. it is the lifting of the veil between the worlds & strengthens our bond to the place beyond. bestows a crown of protection so that we may safely tap into our peripheral consciousness, thus being open to receive psychic & intuitive guidance from our invisible friends who are always inviting us to listen. this essence was made with deep veneration for the dead, for that which has passed, & as such, please use this essence with respect & intention. i find that using it on an altar space can make a beautiful offering to the spirit world

red canna lily (Canna indica)

this beautiful essence was made by my wonderful apprentice, myrto of athena's apothecary. the following is her description of this remedy: "red canna... i met her in new orleans in city park. surrounded by butterflies in a thicket of blooming red flowers & velvety purple leaves. the unfurling nature of the leaves into the blossoms is very much reflective of their opening of one's path & self-actualization through the element of fire. i made the essence at dusk into the night as the moon moved from gemini to cancer. i associate red canna with sagittarius energy: shooting the arrow of inner truth & following your dreams. an essence of metamorphesis...bringing us to the butterfly stage of growth"

this essence blend will arrive to you in a 2 dram, clear-glass, square bottle unless otherwise noted

an essence is an energetic form of medicine, similar to homeopathics. they are most commonly made with flowers/plants, but can also be made with trees, stones, & even environments

hey are gentle yet potent. low-dose & very safe to take, as they are not directly acting on a physiological level but rather an emotional, energetic, & spiritual one: i usually recommend 1-3 :drops: at a time

please note, essences are *not* essential oils or perfumes. in fact, they have very little smell at all. instead, these are water-based, energetic preparations 

thus, they may be used externally or internally: play around with them, because of their intuitive nature, most people find the best way to use them is by experimenting

it is bottled to order with love & intention

Made by Moon by Moon Apothecary


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