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Leave Your Troubles Here Tincture

Leave Your Troubles Here Tincture


From its maker, Moon by Moon Apothecary:

"made with the tinctures of organic ginger root, ethically wildcrafted hawthorn flowers, & a few drops of lavender flower essence

this soothing yet stimulating blend is also wonderfully warming, aromatic, & circulating

perfect for times when we need to keep moving, even when our hearts feel like they are aching: reminds us of the importance of movement to help digest difficult or trying situations

with an affinity for the belly & the heart, this blend will also help us to trust our guts & our feelings more, helping us ground these instinctual reactions into practice & into reality

the ginger is also going to help to promote warmth from the inside-out & to aid in digestion (it makes a nice after-meal blend)

the hawthorn flower is going to help to tonify & strengthen both the physical as well as emotional heart---gently encouraging us to open up so that we may heal

the lavender flower essence is like a lovely hug: not too tight, just enough so that we can feel comforted by its presence

this tincture blend will arrive to you in a 1 oz, clear-glass bottle unless otherwise noted

it is bottled to order with love & intention"

Made by Moon by Moon Apothecary

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