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Chanson d'Automne Eau de Toilette

Chanson d'Automne Eau de Toilette


From its maker, Moon by Moon Apothecary:

"this blend contains filtered water, valerian flower essence, rose absolute, wild chamomile essential oil. 

this eau de toilette is reminiscent of the quality of air that is so particular to autumn: how it is both fresh & crisp while also intermingled with the scent of falling leaves beginning to decay---an almost sweet smell

the valerian flower essence provides this blend with a swift & bright energy, one of inspiration & movement, not unlike the swirls of autumn breeze that lift the colored leaves right off of tree limbs

the rose brings a dense & floral sweetness to the blend, while the wild chamomile brings its vast & pungent aroma 

uplifting, sweet, a little nostalgic... a beautiful eau de toilette to compliment the fervor of the fall

can be used on hair & body as well as clothing or as a clearing spray in a room"

Made by Moon by Moon Apothecary

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