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Image via Jacquelyn  Potter Photographic Services

Image via Jacquelyn Potter Photographic Services

How much will my dress cost? Our new gowns range from $550 to about $3500. Our vintage and antique gowns range from $250 to about $1000. If you have specific questions about a certain designer's price range, please contact us. 

When should I order my wedding dress? Dresses typically take 4-6 months to create, since they are being made to order.  You should purchase your wedding dress six to nine months prior to your wedding date, so you can also include time for alterations, shipping, and accessorizing. Our designers can usually offer rush options, but fees do apply. If you are purchasing one of our vintage dresses or a new pre-sized option, you'll be able to walk away with a dress right off the rack. Still, allowing time for alterations is advised.

Can I customize my dress? Yes! Many of our designers are willing work with us to customize pieces for our clients.

Do I need an appointment? Yes. To make sure you have our undivided attention, we are open by appointment only. 

How long are appointment times? We allow 90 minutes for each appointment. Because we are a curated shop, all of our dresses and accessories are available for browsing during your visit. 

Can I bring a large group to my appointment? We suggest you attend by yourself, or with one or two trusted folks whom you feel get you to keep things from becoming too muddied or overwhelming, but we will happily accommodate more people if you'd like to bring a posse. 

What sample sizes are your dresses? 4, 6, and one size fits all depending on the label and sample. Our one of a kind vintage dresses are from size 00 to size 10 and up.

Will I need alterations? Most likely, yes. We recommend you plan for an additional two months of alterations once you receive your dress. We will order your dress as close to your current size as possible, but every body is different. While many of our vintage dresses look stunning as is, alterations can help make antique pieces more wearable and flattering. Some of our new dresses are one size fits all or pre-made in sizes from extra small to large, and may not require alterations.

Does your shop offer in-house alterations? No, since it's not our specialty. A true seamstress will have the skills in her arsenal to achieve a perfect fit and to whip through any last minute changes you may ask for.  By working with an independent seamstress as opposed to automatically being signed up for in-house alterations, you'll only pay for what you choose to have done to make your gown fit the way you want it to. We are happy to offer recommendations for seamstresses.