Nectar & Root

new england backyard wedding

I love having the chance to work with local couples like Elizabeth and Ricky, who were wed at their family's dairy farm in Vermont this September. Fall weddings are one of my favorite things to be a part of at Nectar & Root, especially in September when the colors are just starting to change. For this event, Elizabeth created her own centerpieces and decorations for their tented reception, while I designed bouquets, boutonnieres, and large-scale arrangements for their church ceremony that complimented Elizabeth's vision. We got together in Burlington over tea at Maglianero's Cafe, where Elizabeth told me she hoped to create simple centerpieces using one of her favorite flowers - local hydrangea - encapsulating the tinge of cream and blush as they begin to harden off for the season. I used this piece of information as my main inspiration, and brought in additional colors of rust, green, and egg yolk yellow to deepen the palette for the arrangements I made. I foraged local hydrangea both fresh and beginning to dry on the bush, as well as nicotiana, autumn anemones, rudbeckia seed pods, solomon's seal foliage, carnations, silver dollar seed pods, and queen anne's lace. I also sourced garden roses, amaryllis, snowberry, eucalyptus and ranunculus to bring lush blooms to the classic aesthetic we wanted to achieve. I loved collaborating with Elizabeth and Ricky, and am so glad she worked with Katie Jean Photos to capture the day in these stunning images.