Modern napkin accent of spring May grape hyacinth and a pansy in a blue and rust color palette alongside a reception centerpiece by Nectar and Root, Vermont wedding florist.


Nectar and Root
70 South Winooski Avenue
Suite 480
Burlington, VT 05401

Frequntly Asked Questions



What percentage of your team is women, people of color, persons with disabilities, or LGBTQ+?

At least 85% of our hires are women, women and men of color, and folx who identify as LGBTQ+. We love learning from and being inspired by other perspectives, and Erin takes a special interest in mentoring new or aspiring entrepreneurs. Just as our clients make a conscious choice when selecting which businesses to invest in for their wedding purchases, Nectar & Root does the same when choosing who we hire and support in turn.


What organization does Nectar & Root donate to?

We donate to the New Farms for New Americans program in Vermont, which matches New Americans with available agricultural space and resources. Erin has begun conversations with leadership to explore partnerships with this program.


What other anti racism and inclusivity work is Nectar & Root undertaking?

We accept and welcome with open arms black people and those who identify as LGBTQ+. Nectar & Root is actively incorporating more portfolio work that features black and LGBTQ+ folx as the pandemic restrictions lift. We set aside part of our budget to pay for educational resources from black people, and we highlight black owned business that we love through our social media channels. We hope to continue hiring more black and LGBTQ+ individuals in the future.


Who are you supporting if you hire Nectar & Root?

You'll be investing in a local, woman-owned small business who stands behind anti racisim, inclusivity, and environmentally loving principles.


What sustainable practices do you employ?

Nectar & Root plans our projects with No Trace Principles in mind and we are environmentally friendly with less waste or ZERO waste as our ultimate goal. These practices include favoring flowers grown by hand by Nectar & Root and blooms from other local farms, reducing the use of non biodegradable flower foam for larger floral installations, composting or drying all leftover flowers and plant materials, using upcycled or handmade non disposable containers, and including care instructions for how to preserve and save bouquets for our clients.

We compost or dry leftover flowers, grow our own blooms and buy from as many other local farms as possible, and have reduced our use of floral foam by over 80% in the past year to create a smaller carbon footprint.