Creating exquisite bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets is our favorite aspects of floral design through a fluid and creative wedding bouquet design process.

Flowers held in the hand have been a token of love for centuries. Wedding flowers bouquets will always be a photographer’s focus when capturing the periphery details and decorations of the day. Lately I’ve been loving wedding bouquet designs that feel slightly more contained, with fewer ingredients, less foliage, and plenty of movement.

On the other hand, rambling bouquets with tons of leaves and a myriad of different flower ingredients will also never go out of style, nor will petite trimmed posies. So if you’d like your bridal bouquet or your bridesmaid bouquets to feel this way, we are definitely down for that too.

Clients will receive their bouquets pre-bound and refreshed in water, with individual vases keeping each bouquet hydrated and prepped for your ceremony as a focal point for your day.