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Designing with Marble

The marble trend: it seems to be showing up everywhere – on phone and laptop cases, water bottles, jewelry, and notebooks. This material that’s usually reserved for Greek and Roman statues and countertops is now all the rage. Something about its smooth white surface and its fluid yet crackled looking markings give whatever it is – a beat up phone, a vase, a pair of earrings – a refreshed, sleek, and sophisticated appearance which still feels natural, without being rustic.

A quick little geology lesson to introduce this rock star of the moment: marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when heat and pressure is applied to limestone at (typically) convergent plate boundaries. The primary mineral it contains is calcite – this is where the crystals come from; and the longer the metamorphism process, the larger the crystals become. However, the swirls in marble are actually a result of mineral impurities like clay, sand and iron oxides.

The word marble comes from the Greek word marmaros meaning ‘shining stone’. Marble is believed to aid in recalling dreams and finding clarity, especially during meditation. It’s the material in several major structures from ancient times and throughout history – the Parthenon, the Taj Mahal, and the Palace at Versailles to name a few. And of course, it has been used as the medium of countless sculptures (see Michaelangelo’s David above). With marble’s minimalist, clean, polished finish and unique design, it’s easy to see why it has made a comeback.   

Aside from the iPhone cases and accessories adorned with marble’s characteristic streaks and swirls, here are some other ways to incorporate this gorgeous material at home, an event or a wedding…  

-       Vases or a box with herbs or flowers
-       A statement sink (we have a vintage one at the studio :)
-       Stationery details; envelope liners, paper coasters
-       Place settings; plates, name card holders
-       Table centerpieces; flower arrangements atop marble slabs
-       Icing or frosting on cookies or cakes

So whenever you’re looking for a way to add some fancy to your life, think marble: the polish, the shine, and the timeless design can dress up pretty much anything. It’s like a blank canvas; have some fun with this new trend, and of course, adding flowers and plants into the mix is always a good idea.

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