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Botanical Perfumes with Nectar & Root

Nectar and Root has just opened its doors to its store this week on West Canal Street in Winooski and we are very excited to be carrying these beautifully scented perfume brands in our newly opened shop!

Apart from the look and feel of flowers, scent is such an important component to the designs Erin creates and the flowers she chooses. The smell of basil mixed into a bouquet, or a true garden rose, validates arrangements as being from the earth. It creates another way to experience the beauty of the occasion, and the certain scent of the flowers she chooses can bring back old memories or create new ones to come. 


When looking at perfumes to carry at the shop, it was important to find makers who used only plant materials, organics, and non-synthetic ingredients. Moon by Moon Apothecary in Raleigh, North Carolina was a maker that seemed like a great fit. Chanelle A. Bergeron, a certified
energetic herbalist and flower essence practitioner creates these lovely scented elixirs, incorporating her knowledge of plant medicine and energy work into her creations. Similar to the way that Erin does her floral design work, Chanelle's creations are limited and completely seasonally based, coming out with new pieces based on the time of year, the plants and flowers that are available to her, and what inspires. I love how each elixir is infused with her homemade essences. When applied, these essences add a little bit of emotional or spiritual assistance to your
day and are made from flowers and plants but sometimes even stones or trees. The shop will be selling a wide variety of her elixirs Chanelle has also made a custom-made blend for Nectar and Root - a Forest Oil Serum that is truly heavenly. 

Image by 822 Weddings

Image by 822 Weddings

We also came accross For Strange Women, whose perfumes are made with high-quality plant extracts and bottles that are artistically crafted. For Strange Women is based in Kansas City, Missouri. They pride themselves on incorporating natural plant oils into their perfumes and their sustainable production of their scents. Their botanical approach to perfume making means that their scents are more natural smelling and work with your body and mind, instead of the synthetic and chemical based perfumes that dominate the perfume market. Their attention to detail is evident even from the packaging of their perfumes, which are inscribed with a variety of intricately made botanical illustrations that I absolutely adore.

Apart from the lovely smell, my favorite part about Moon by Moon Apothecary are the pieces of flowers or stones that are incorporated into the
perfume mixtures, making it even more delightful to put on. For Strange Women is equally enchanting but their product is especially intriguing because of its elaborate botanical packaging and complex combinations of scents. All in all, it's been lovely getting to learn more about both of these makers thanks to Nectar & Root!

Alisha Stommel - Guest Blogger xxx 


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