flowering by season


hellebores, peonies, ranunculus

Spring is a fragrant haven of bulbs and branches. Some of our favorite ingredients include hellebores, peonies, and ranunculus. These lush shapes and unusual color tones hold us captive alongside flowering branches, hyacinth, anemones, fritilaria, and narcissus.


Garden roses, zinnias, queen anne's lace

Summer is for abundant lovers. Bobbing garden roses, zinnias such as our favorite 'persian carpet' variety, airy queen anne's lace, cosmos, forget-me-nots, fruit on the branch, and so many other amazing blooms come and go in the hot gaze of summer's bounty.


Dahlias, rudbeckia, grasses

As the sun gets a little cooler papery grasses, palm-sized dahlias, and dusty hued rudbeckia start to emerge and flourish. Warm neutral desert tones and deep jewel notes emerge in a last, gorgeous flash of growth before Vermont gets ready for winter.


Dried Flowers, Citrus, and Foliage

Flowers are harvested and saved throughout the growing season for decoration as well as for seed collection during winter's quite times. There's also nothing quite like verdant doses of greens, citrus and bulbs indoors when it's still hard to imagine buds on the trees come May.