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Let our flowers bring your venue to life with artistry

Nectar & Root is a floral design and wedding styling company in Burlington, Vermont. We provide stunning flowers and decor for couples planning weddings in-state and beyond. We are also available to collaborate with clients for photo shoots, retail and home interiors, and other celebrations. Whether you’d like something lush and romantic, sweet and simple, demurely natural or a bit wild, our approach always starts with local, seasonal blooms.
We really do love Vermont’s flowers and we enjoy harvesting them personally, picking each stem by hand with intention and thoughtfulness. These flowers are so individual that they slow us down for a moment, making us observe their every detail and the beautiful surroundings where they grow. Just like one particular instant in life these particular flowers are only available in the present, from day to day and season to season, capturing the moment for each couple to create the most genuine, unique sense of time and place for our wedding designs.
We also incorporate additional specialty flowers from throughout the United States and beyond such as garden roses, fruits, berries and vines to further distinguish and fine-tune our work. We believe that every flower, texture, smell and color evokes a certain feeling, and we thoughtfully combine these elements to create an effect tailored to each couple we serve.
Contact us today to check our availability and discuss your upcoming needs. We can work together to make something completely unique – custom floral designs and distinguished wedding styling, or you can choose to book one of our signature packages. If you feel that staying true to your personal style is an important part of your wedding, enjoy spaces with gorgeous colors and textures and arrangements with natural and unique characteristics, we would LOVE to meet you! Creative director Erin Ostreicher’s experience and skills ensure a beautiful result regardless, down to the very last detail of your gorgeous wedding.

“Erin, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful florals. They were everything I dreamed and more. I got so many compliments on the flower crown, the arrangements … everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my wedding vision come to life!”
– Maya, 2014 bride